About MobiAppz

Mobiappz provides specialized consulting, design & development services in the mobility space - helping clients build mobile solutions on consumer and enterprise side. Our experience & capabilities are to build native solutions for phones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Phone...) as well HTML5-based mobile web solutions.And in all our styles & solutions, UI Design and User Experience (UX) is the core!

Our executive Team & Advisors have extensive expertise working within the mobile system in India and in the North American nation and produce tons of domain/industry information to the table in areas like LBS, Media, Education, Healthcare, and Social Media.

Founded in 2010, privately held and angel funded.

Headquartered in Noida (India) with the Account & client Solutions team present in the United States of America.

We love Mobile Frameworks

At Mobiappz, we cannot imagine life without mobile frameworks. Sencha Touch & jQuery Mobile for mobile web app, PhoneGap for cross-platform, Urban Airship for push, Geoloqi for location, Twilio for SMS integration, Vuforia for augmented reality and Flurry for mobile analytics, to name a few

UX/UI Design is the core. No Compromise

Beauty with a Purpose, Simple & Consistent and Intuitive are some of the UX design principles we stick to at Mobiappz. We help write user stories, draw wireframes and create graphic mock-ups for our clients to visualize a mobile solution before we code for it

It's Technology & Industry Experience - Combined

We combine our technical expertise with our domain expertise and closely work with our clients to make mobile solutions in their specific domain/phase.

Founded in 2010, privately held and angel funded.